Implementing a 'Data-Centric' SAP Security and Compliance Strategy

Thursday December 5, 2019  |  1:00 pm CST / 11:00 am PST
presented by 
Rajesh Rengarethinam and Greg Wendt, Appsian

While organizations may feel they have strong SAP security and compliance policies - truth is, current strategies often leverage static roles & privileges. Meaning, variable attributes (ex. location, device, time of day, etc.) and the data itself do not factor into how access is governed.
This is why organizations are turning to contextual, 'data-centric' strategies that make the data itself (and the context of access) key variables for determining what users can see and do. This has proven to be a Best Practice for aligning business and security policies in ERP systems.
Join us as we demonstrate how a 'data-centric' strategy can be achieved using Appsian's Security Platform. In this session, we'll discuss:
  • The benefits of a 'data-centric' ERP security and compliance strategy, including key data breach use cases that can be mitigated 
  • How you can strengthen policies while reducing user friction
  • How granular user activity logging & analytics can be implemented
  • How Appsian's Real-Time Analytics can automate compliance audits

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