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PeopleSoft Breaches: Key Recommendations for Providing Total PeopleSoft Data Security 

ERP systems are under attack from hackers leveraging phishing/spear-phishing and social engineering attacks. In addition, unauthorized data leakage from insiders has proven to be an enormous problem for organizations. What do all of these breach scenarios have in common? They all bypass perimeter security like network monitoring and user password controls, leveraging valid credentials to inflict maximum damage. Most organizations do not know how to protect their data when a threat is already in their system... until now!

Appsian, a leader in PeopleSoft security solutions has released their report defining the best practices every organization should know and how layered security solutions can be implemented directly into the PeopleSoft web server (w/o customizations):
  • Single Sign-On (SAML)
  • Multi-Factor Authorization
  • Location-Based Security
  • Transaction Logging and Visualized Analytics