Seamless Access with PeopleSoft Single Sign-On

Leverage your current IdP (SAML, ADFS, Shibboleth) to deliver seamless access to PeopleSoft

Appsian integrates the SAML functionality that PeopleSoft natively lacks, allowing organizations to leverage their current IdP to:

  • Facilitate seamless authentication and allow PeopleSoft to be integrated into an enterprise-wide SSO architecture
  • Eliminate PeopleSoft login if a user accesses a deep link (if user has already been authenticated by IdP)
  • Facilitate PeopleSoft login if user has not authenticated or context of action designates additional login
  • Eliminate customizations or home-grown solutions designed to simulate connectivity with IdP

Organizations Love PeopleSoft Single Sign-On by Appsian!

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Appsian’s Unique Benefits

Granular Oversight

Our best of breed Application Security Platform allows you to leverage a robust rules engine that embeds access controls at the field/page/component levels of the application(s). Thus creating the most granular user data oversights available on the market today

Rapid Implementation

Our solutions are lightweight with implementations taking a small fraction of time compared to most IT projects. Many security implementations take less than 30 days (avg.) and UX implementations take 2-3 months (avg.)

Zero Customizations

Our solutions plug directly into the PeopleSoft web server, meaning there are ZERO additional customizations to maintain. In fact, our solutions allow you to eliminate some existing customizations.

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