Critical Steps You Should Take Before Making the Move to S/4 HANA

A Quick Guide for Organizations Considering Migrating to S/4 HANA

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ProfileTailor GRC

Behavioral Profiling

ProfileTailor GRC creates an intelligent summary of the business activities each person performs in a given application. This individualized profile enables automation throughout ProfileTailor GRC – from suggested authorization refinements to real-time anomaly detection.

Multiple Systems, Single Viewpoint

Cross-application security and compliance are made easy with ProfileTailor GRC. Auditors and security managers can implement a single risk ruleset and enforce it to multiple applications simultaneously – addressing SoD violations and unifying business process controls throughout your ERP landscape.

Rapid ROI

Automation is key to optimizing access governance, and ProfileTailor GRC has been built on this tenet. User behavior analysis combined with ML-powered algorithms accelerate the cleanup of role conflicts. And out-of-the-box templates and workflows help you get started quickly.

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