Five Simple Ways to Reduce Your SAP® License Spending

Combine Users Between SAP Systems

Although many corporations spend millions of dollars on SAP, many do not know which licenses are being consumed nor do they know which licenses are required for each user. SAP is one of the most expensive software systems in the market, yet many organizations still treat their SAP licensing like a black box; they see it in terms of input and output without any knowledge of how it works. It is shocking to find that so many corporations feel their SAP licensing as an invincible force which they are powerless against.

For this reason, many SAP customers have misconceptions about how to optimize their SAP investment. If you have made these statements in the past or currently feel this way, then you are mistaken

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The Appsian Security Platform is Designed to Protect ERP Data and Transactions

Identity Access Management

Dynamically manage access to sensitive data and business transactions. Enable zero trust and least privilege to ensure user identity is always verified and access privileges always align with a user’s potential for risk.

Data Security

Prevent access to sensitive data, even after a user has been verified. Minimize the risk of data exfiltration with attribute-based access controls, dynamic data masking, and user activity alerts & analytics.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Streamline and simplify how you manage and prevent business process risks from segregation of duties, authorizations, and more. Ensure access to your ERP remains aligned with compliance mandates with automated provisioning/de-provisioning and real-time risk analysis.

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